Syria · The best of Pat Buchanan

A US-Turkish Clash in Syria?

By Patrick J. Buchanan, January 18, 2018: The war for dominance in the Middle East, following the crushing of ISIS, appears about to commence in Syria — with NATO allies America and Turkey on opposing sides. Turkey is moving armor and troops south to Syria’s border enclave of Afrin, occupied by Kurds, to drive them… Continue reading A US-Turkish Clash in Syria?

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Bill Shorten shy on Oz Day support

A political opportunist to his core, Bill Shorten clearly understands the political reality of changing Australia Day. For now, Australians largely support keeping the date, and Shorten has responded accordingly. But there is enough reluctance in his recent comments, combined with a bizarre critique of Malcolm Turnbull, to conclude Shorten and Labor will support changing… Continue reading Bill Shorten shy on Oz Day support

South Africa

South Africa’s Farm Murders

The place of white South African farmers is increasingly threatened as the years progress. For while countless murders have made South African farming the world’s most dangerous occupation, its government seems complicit in fostering an extraordinary hatred of whites, arguably culminating in these savage farm killings. Moreover, the road to lasting peace between South African… Continue reading South Africa’s Farm Murders

Anti- White sentiment · The Right type of identity politics

Who wants to abolish the white race?

Jared Taylor’s recent video on surging anti- white sentiment reveals 3 pertinent lessons. First, no matter how hard ‘white allies’ try, they will never fully be on the side of minorities bent on tearing down Western civilisation. Whether seen in fervent requests to recognise ‘white privilege,’ to calls for slavery reparations, to demands for mass… Continue reading Who wants to abolish the white race?

The Donald Trump Presidency · The Right type of identity politics

The implications of Shitholegate

President Trump recently caused a furore by allegedly referring to Haiti and African countries as ‘shitholes.’ But despite media condemnations/ obfuscations in both Left and Right wing media circles, is he wrong? I can hardly imagine these critics would voluntarily trade in their cosy Western life for Haiti. And for all the celebrities who swore they would leave the United… Continue reading The implications of Shitholegate

The Donald Trump Presidency

An America First approach to TPS

The Trump administration recently announced it was ending the 16 year long temporary protected status (TPS), provided to some 200 000 El Salvadoran migrants. Evidently, this stance fits the ‘America First’ theme President Trump was elected on, given a reduction in low skilled immigrants will ultimately increase wages for working class Americans. And with America… Continue reading An America First approach to TPS

ABC/ SBS · Australia's Sudanese Problem

Time to replace the ABC

Some things never change, and the ABC’s anti- Australian bent has continued into the New Year. But now in 2018, the ABC has adopted a new victim cause: African migrants, in covering victims of Sudanese crime as secondary to receivers of ill- directed, foolish comments. So despite being funded by Australian people, and its legislative… Continue reading Time to replace the ABC