Gay Marriage

Gay Marriage

In recent times, this issue has became a hotly and passionately contended debate. Despite the proposal only coming to mainstream attention and popularity in the last 5- 10 years, already there is enormous support for an action which would change an institution that has served our society for centuries. Despite growing support, I choose to disagree with the concept, and my justifications are as follows;

  • Marriage is defined as an institution between a man and a woman. In my opinion, any changes to this definition, would further corrupt the word and detract from its meaning. It is not that I believe that a relationship between a homosexual couple to be inferior to that of a heterosexual couple, it is just that I believe that the word ‘marriage’, is not how it should be described. Marriage is an institution between a man and a woman, and and I don’t believe a term such as ‘gay marriage’ makes a great deal of sense. This definition of marriage should be protected, against not only proponents of gay marriage but for those who jump on the bandwagon of change calling for the legalization of polygamy.
  • Fundamentally, I disagree with the increased rights gay marriage legislation would give gay couples in adoption. My position is clear; when possible, it is important and arguably it is a right for a child to have a mother and father. Now, obviously in a hypothetical instance, I would rather a child to have a loving homosexual couple as their parents as opposed to a drug addicted, psychopathic abusing heterosexual couple. However, I believe that the differing yet complementing influence of both a mother and a father, is helpful and developing a well rounded individual and preparing them more for later life. It is crucial to have exposure to both femininity and masculinity and for that among other reasons, I think it is important adoption rights remain advantaged toward heterosexual couples.

A general point on this issue, is that before any possible changes are made, people need to think deeply as to whether this is the appropriate course of action. It is a potential landmark change to Australian society, a change that would completely undermine the traditional family values that have developed children for centuries. Thus it is important that Australians deeply consider the ramifications and impacts of this proposal, before any possible future changes.

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