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Malcolm Turnbull: Parramatta Shooting

Malcolm Turnbull’s recent response toward the recent terror attack in Parramatta left many Australians, including myself, deeply ashamed. My fondness of Turnbull after his overthrow of Abbott was never great, however his recent actions indicate a great inadequacy. At a time when the Islamist terror threat has never been greater, Turnbull demonstrated leadership that was not… Continue reading Malcolm Turnbull: Parramatta Shooting

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Islam a religion of peace?

Many Western leaders in recent times, most notably David Cameron and Barrack Obama, have continued to label Islam a ‘religion of peace’. This is particularly distressing, considering that Great Britain and the United States have always been, and supposedly continue to be, the two major leaders of the ‘free world’, in their steadfast support for… Continue reading Islam a religion of peace?

Islam in Australia

Geert Wilders visit to Australia

G’day to anyone reading. This is my first blog, so hope you enjoy! Recently, there has been media attention regarding Geert Wilders’ attempt to attain a visa into Australia. At first, the Australian immigration department intentionally delayed the granting of Mr Wilders’ visa, in an attempt to prevent him from speaking at a launch event… Continue reading Geert Wilders visit to Australia