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Ambassador Woolsey comments on our strategy for dealing with ISIS

Former CIA director and current chancellor of the Institute of World Politics, Ambassador James Woolsey shares his thoughts on how the threat that ISIS poses should be dealt with, and how under Obama’s PR-oriented foreign policy leaves the U.S. perceived as “flaccid”. Let’s watch.

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A woeful response: Clearly Muslims are more important than Christians

Today, Australia’s Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, gave his national security speech. As usual, it was filled with waffling and fanciful rhetoric, with limited actual substance in his address. One thing that Turnbull did say, in effect, is that the threat posed by the Islamic State was largely an exaggerated one. The Prime Minister stated; “We should grieve… Continue reading A woeful response: Clearly Muslims are more important than Christians

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Great article on Islam

We can no longer mince the words, or avoid the issue now. One of Australia’s greatest treasurers, Peter Costello, reflects upon this in the article below.

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Assad or Islamic State? We must choose

To put things in simple terms, the United States foreign policy in Iraq during the last dozen years has been nothing short of a train wreck. First, George. W Bush, under false pretenses of weapons of mass destruction, invaded Iraq in 2003, and in doing so disposed of the all- powerful leadership of Saddam Hussein. Then, Barrack Obama, through his pacifist and… Continue reading Assad or Islamic State? We must choose