Climate change/ Energy

Some bad news for Al Gore

It has now been ten years since the world’s most famous global warming alarmist, Al Gore, made his fear mongering proclamation; which stated that “unless drastic measures to reduce greenhouse gases are taken within the next 10 years, the world will reach a point of no return”. Well here we are, in what seemed at the… Continue reading Some bad news for Al Gore

Islam in Australia

More on Labor’s biggest Islamist apologist 

Labor’s candidate for the seat of Cowan Anne Aly has recently gone into further detail in her criticism of the anti terror legislation that was introduced last year, which includes the stripping of dual nationality for those found guilty of terrorist offences. The fact that this woman is a ‘counter terrorism’ expert, is truly a… Continue reading More on Labor’s biggest Islamist apologist 

Islamic apologism and the persecution of dissenters

More pandering 

Today marks world hijab day. That is all well and great, but where is a similar globally recognized and emphasised day for Buddhism, Hinduism, or Sikhism? Stuck in the perennial idea that Muslims are victims, all this day represents is a tenet of political correctness, and excessive pandering to Islam.

Islamic apologism and the persecution of dissenters

‘Isis’s biggest recruiter is Donald Trump’

It’s time to dispel possibly the biggest myth currently being spread, in conversations regarding Islamic terrorism. I am sure that it has been a challenge to answer to these claims for many in this community, which states that by criticising Islam, we are somehow going to lead to further terrorism, hence the claim and others… Continue reading ‘Isis’s biggest recruiter is Donald Trump’

Donald Trump/ Hillary Clinton

Trumping the rest of the field

Donald Trump decides to boycott the final Republican debate due to concerns over media bias? Fears of potentially damaging his electoral prospects? These fears have clearly been allayed, as seen in his recent alternative fundraiser event for America’s war veterans.

Islam in Australia

Labor’s candidate for seat of Cowan

In the seat of Cowan, in Perth’s north, the Labor party are running an apologist for radical Islam. Anne Aly, a so called ‘counter terrorism expert’, has criticised Australia’s new terror laws, including the stripping of citizenship for dual nationals convicted of terrorism offences. Aly claims that the current process of stripping terrorists of their Australian… Continue reading Labor’s candidate for seat of Cowan

Indigenous Australians

More on ‘Invasion Day’

The following article is sheer brilliance. It is likely the best material written on Indigenous Australians ever: In 2008, when incoming Prime Minister Kevin Rudd provided Indigenous Australians the apology outgoing Prime Minister John Howard had long refused to, Australians were told: “The time has come, well and truly come … for all Australians, those who are indigenous and those… Continue reading More on ‘Invasion Day’