Barrack Obama

Part 2 of my Barrack Obama theory

When closely examined, some of the staff within the Obama administration, have extremely questionable credentials for any role in public service, considering their links to the Islamist ideology. Before I proceed, I want to make clear that it is important to read my last post (made about Obama’s Islamic- oreintated foreign policy), prior to reading… Continue reading Part 2 of my Barrack Obama theory

Barrack Obama

Barrack Hussein Obama: My theory

Nearly 8 years ago, Barrack Obama forever instilled himself in history, as America’s first African- American President. Obama primarily campaigned on his capacity to bring hope and change to America, and to unite a country that had historically been racially and religiously divided. However, if the Obama mandate was to truly unite the United States,… Continue reading Barrack Hussein Obama: My theory

Islamic apologism and the persecution of dissenters

More aggression from the Islamist ideology

It has recently been brought to my attention, that to celebrate the 25 year anniversary of the fatwa placed upon Salman Rushdie, Iranian media outlets have renewed a bounty, offering 600 000 dollars in retaliation for Rushdie’s 1989 book; ‘The Satanic Verses’. The arrogance on display here is virtually unrivalled. To think that Iran can… Continue reading More aggression from the Islamist ideology

Malcolm Turnbull

Turnbull trouble 

5 months of waffle, vague discussions, distractions, and an endless list of hypothetical proposals, may be unravelling for the Prime Minister and his government.  Despite treasurer Scott Morrison promising upon his ascension into office to create a ‘tax system for the 21st century’, Morrison has recently retracted away from this misleading and superfluous claim, concluding;… Continue reading Turnbull trouble