Islamic State

More barbarism

In an utterly outrageous manner, the Islamic State executed a Catholic priest on Good Friday, via its customary method of beheading. That this execution was carried out on such a holy day for Christianity, is totally indicative of the endless persecution routinely faced by Christians in the Middle East. And yet, it is staggering to think that the Left leads far too many to believe… Continue reading More barbarism

Donald Trump/ Hillary Clinton · The Regressive, Elitist, Violent Left

More riots

The violence, and the attempts to shutdown the views of Donald Trump, only seem to be continuing. Today in Arizona, crowds parked vehicles on either sides of the road, in an attempt to stop traffic near a Trump event. Meanwhile, New York City witnessed violent clashes outside of Trump tower, with rioters holding banners which read ‘#crushtrump’.… Continue reading More riots

The Regressive, Elitist, Violent Left

The Left wing epitomized

Going online this morning brought to my attention some especially unpleasant news. Reports have revealed that the office of Cory Benardi, the conservative Liberal senator, has been trashed and vandalized by student protesters, who promised to stop ‘Australia’s Trump’. The protesters, whom Benardi described as ‘lefty totalitarians’, also intimidated staff, and scrawled slogans all over the walls of the… Continue reading The Left wing epitomized

2016 US Presidential election: primaries · Donald Trump/ Hillary Clinton · The Regressive, Elitist, Violent Left

Bernie Sanders has left himself down

From the beginning, I have held sound levels of respect for Bernie Sanders. It should go without saying that I disagree with his political beliefs rather enormously, however, I value the existence of people like Sanders, that stay true to their moral compass and core beliefs, throughout the passage of time and changes in cultural trends. Sanders’… Continue reading Bernie Sanders has left himself down