Free Trade/ Foreign Investment

Scott Morrison deserves credit

In recent times, speculation had been mounting over the potential Chinese acquisition of the S. Kidman and Co portfolio. The private entity, which composed of ten stations; made up 1.3 % of Australia’s total landmass, and 2.5 % of its agricultural land, was keenly sought after by the Chinese conglomerate Shanghai Pengxin Group, as part of… Continue reading Scott Morrison deserves credit

Islam in Australia

More details on the Anzac Day terror plot

Yesterday, we heard of yet another thwarted Anzac Day terror plot. A 16 year old Muslim boy was charged with planning or preparing to commit a terrorist act, which police say was planned to occur at a Anzac Day event. However, today we have learned more details about the arrest. Reportedly, the boy had been enrolled in a de- radicalisation… Continue reading More details on the Anzac Day terror plot


The transgender insanity

If ever there was a set of trends and concerns more worthy of the term ‘First World problems’, I would be rather perplexed. The transgender hoopla has especially intensified in recent weeks, due to the ‘anti- LGBT’ laws passed in North Carolina and Mississippi. I believe that these laws introduced are rich in common sense; that those whose physical… Continue reading The transgender insanity

Barrack Obama

Obama showing further signs of Islamist tendencies

Despite mounting evidence suggesting Saudi involvement in the 2001 attacks on the World Trade centre, Barrack Obama has continued to reinforce his solidarity with the rogue state. This inexplicable like- mindedness shared with possibly the most barbaric state in the world, has been showcased in Barrack Obama’s promise to veto the upcoming Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act, which… Continue reading Obama showing further signs of Islamist tendencies

Feminism/ Male rights

Female only parking zones?

It has come to my attention that in a Perth CBD carpark, female- only parking bays have been introduced. We can only imagine what can of worms this could open. Could it be the next battleground for mentally deranged transgender people who identify as females however have the anatomy of a male? Regardless of the hypothetical situations… Continue reading Female only parking zones?

Libertarian issues

Drinking alcohol should be the choice of people

Increasingly, we are seeing medical experts criticize the role of alcohol in our lives. Of course, alcohol is far from perfect, but proposals to raise the legal drinking age, lower the legal limit on drink- driving, as well as the existing draconian lock out laws in Sydney, are examples of hypothetical and actual government intervention in places where… Continue reading Drinking alcohol should be the choice of people