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Personal annecdote of some PC madness

The AFL round just completed, witnessed the yearly Indigenous round, in which Aboriginal highlight reels packages were produced, traditional dances were held, among various other annual festivities. Moreover, tributes to the contribution of Indigenous people towards the game of Australian Rules Football, stemmed beyond the AFL. Varying amateur leagues even participated in a smoking ceremony, as… Continue reading Personal annecdote of some PC madness


Rebuttal of support for Surah 2, verse 256

Among Islamopologists and their ill- informed band- wagoners, Surah 2, verse 256 is routinely referred to, as a shining example of the peace and tolerance inherent in Islam. However, peaceful interpretations of this verse are fallacious in nature, and attempts to present this factually incorrect viewpoint, further excuse and ultimately enable Islamists. The frequently quoted verse reads; “There shall… Continue reading Rebuttal of support for Surah 2, verse 256

Feminism/ Male rights

Miranda Devine on our society’s emasculation

In the following piece, Miranda Devine of the Daily Telegraph, brilliantly outlines the forced and accepted feminization of many males, and the unreasonable expectations placed often upon them. Stop telling boys to act like girls IN this era of women-only parking, women-only trains, women-only apartments and transgender bathrooms, it seems the only acceptable man is… Continue reading Miranda Devine on our society’s emasculation

Indigenous Australians

National Sorry day

Today was National Sorry day, another symbolic, token, and yet meaningless gesture, which aimed at remembering and commemorating the mistreatment of Australia’s Indigenous population. Regrettably, it is yet another gesture from Australia, that purports our country is forever indebted to its Indigenous population, for its actual and alleged crimes of the past. If this day brings particular joy, or… Continue reading National Sorry day

Islam in Australia

ALA: First impression

Since before its launch in October, I have keenly followed the progression of a new Australian political party; the Australian Liberty Alliance (ALA). Needless to say, I have been impressed by the ALA’s policies and messages, in spite of the tsunami of political and media pressure, to reduce the scope and impact of its populist platform. Now, fresh from… Continue reading ALA: First impression

Gun rights · Libertarian issues

Australia’s top libertarian on gun laws

As I am aware that visitors to this blog often have difficulties accessing links to articles, the following will be a copy and paste of an excellent piece written by Liberal Democrat Senator David Leyonhjelm, in staunch defence of gun rights. For Australians not aware of the full implications wreaked by John Howard’s 1996 gun reforms, and for Americans who often… Continue reading Australia’s top libertarian on gun laws