Islam in Australia · Malcolm Turnbull

Dhimitude from an Australian Prime Minister?

Malcolm Turnbull’s grovelling Itfar dinner held in Kirribilli House last week, has taken its latest turn for the worse. In extraordinary revelations, dailymail has reported that caterers of this dinner brought in ‘special crockery’ to accommodate for devout Muslim guests, who refused to eat from plates previously used by non- Muslims. Given at the dinner, and in the days since,… Continue reading Dhimitude from an Australian Prime Minister?

Islam in America · Islamic State

Orlando terror attack

Not quite 48 hours ago, I heard of the terrible atrocities of the recent terrorist attacks in Orlando, in which a single Muslim gunman, killed 50 within a gay nightclub, before being finished by police. Constantly, articles and posts from virtue- signalling hypocrites, have unbelievably been defending Islam, with foolish cliches such as ‘religion knows no hate’… Continue reading Orlando terror attack