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Fremantle council bans Australia Day fireworks

Last week, the Fremantle council voted to end the fireworks on Australia Day, and instead to adopt more ‘culturally sensitive’ activities. This trend to run down, and disparage our national day, has become increasingly common. Some call it ‘invasion day’. A past link on my blog has ceased to work, and thus, the following is the… Continue reading Fremantle council bans Australia Day fireworks

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Who are the real dividers?

Something that is growing increasingly evident, is that the so called majority of peace- loving Muslims, who abhor Islamist movements in all their forms, is more like a minority. Whilst beheadings, or other savage punishments are enough for Muslim leaders to redeliver their scripted condemnations, our problems with Islam, delve far deeper than this. While awareness of these events are… Continue reading Who are the real dividers?

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The role of faith

Yesterday, I attended a funeral service, that placed a heavy emphasis on traditionally catholic principles. While not militantly atheist, or especially religious, and as somewhat of an outsider to catholic doctrine, I was particularly taken aback by comforting aspects that faith brought to the occasion. Yes, there were tears, there were expression of loss and… Continue reading The role of faith


Moderate Malaysia?

We hear so much about Malaysia as an Islamic country touted for its moderation. So often, Malaysia’s example serves as reasoning for how Islam and democracy can seamlessly merge, with diversity, tolerance, and equality centre- stage. But these romanticized, idealistic notions about ‘moderate’ Malaysia, bare limited resemblance to the facts. The distasteful reality; virtually unrecognizable to mainstream public discourse, recently reared… Continue reading Moderate Malaysia?

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Islam’s ‘Quiet Conquest’ of Europe

A stunning article from Giulio Meotti at the Gatestone Institute. Islam’s conquest of the free world manifests itself in many ways, which too often escapes the mainstream’s spotlight. Last month, the Wall Street Journal published an interview with France’s director of domestic intelligence, Patrick Calvar. “The confrontation is inevitable,” Mr. Calvar said. There are an estimated… Continue reading Islam’s ‘Quiet Conquest’ of Europe

Donald Trump/ Hillary Clinton

More on the anti- Trump propaganda machine

The ongoing media war on the campaign of Donald Trump, has reached astonishing new heights. And yet, despite this anti- Trump saturation of American and global news media, to uncover the magnitude of this staggering impartiality, a thorough analysis is required. Turn on virtually any TV channel, pick up any newspaper, listen to any radio source or otherwise, and the chances… Continue reading More on the anti- Trump propaganda machine

Donald Trump/ Hillary Clinton

A manipulative media

The elite, leftist media has continued to excoriate Donald Trump, as shown by the Guardian’s headline; ‘American Nazi Party leader sees a ‘real opportunity’ with a Trump presidency’. Such a scam merely scratches the surface in the relationship between Trump and the media, which has consistently pushed a pro- Clinton agenda throughout the course of this Presidential campaign.… Continue reading A manipulative media