Anti- White sentiment

The Left’s Resentment Of White Individuals Pt. 2

Excellent piece by the occasional guest blogger on this site: America’s Logical Conservative. Certainly worth a read as is much of his work.

America's Logical Conservative

Yesterday, I put out an article that had some exposition to what I am about to say today, so if you would like more context on what I am writing about, then pop on over and read this article first!

Continuing on from yesterday, I would like to make the claim that the left relies on their own victimhood to perpetuate their evil measures. An example of this being a leftie arguing that historical disadvantages to black individuals are the reason we have to provide things like Affirmative Action for them.

See, instead of the left making the observation that poverty is the reason why many people don’t go to college, the left only looks to blame whitey for their problems. If the left wasn’t able to blame white individuals in this instance, they would have to face the harsh reality that life isn’t catered to their perception of it.

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