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Clash of Civilisations

Norman A. Bailey discusses a “World War” currently in swing between the Judeo/Christian; Greco/Roman West and our Islamic Caliphate-seeking counterparts. This call to arms criticises our “tepid” response to the unmasked threat which is banging down our door. It’s no secret that there’s a war being waged against us and have the clear ambition of converting whatever… Continue reading Clash of Civilisations

US China rivalry

A Westerner’s Guide to China

China’s reincarnation to superpower status is well in swing. Its economy has overtaken Japan’s as the second largest on Earth after only the U.S, its industrialisation has been utterly unprecedented in swiftness and scope, and it is currently engaging in the largest military buildup in the World. To give proper perspective to the spectacle going… Continue reading A Westerner’s Guide to China


Washington and Beijing – Dr. John John Lenczowski speaks at the YAF on matters of statecraft

The World is a volatile place – that’s no revelation. Although many naive flower children would wave their arms and holler that the West is run by conservative fear mongers, the truth is we’re finding ourselves increasingly besieged, and the secure position we had found ourselves in post-Cold War is at its end. China is rising, it’s… Continue reading Washington and Beijing – Dr. John John Lenczowski speaks at the YAF on matters of statecraft

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Ambassador Woolsey comments on our strategy for dealing with ISIS

Former CIA director and current chancellor of the Institute of World Politics, Ambassador James Woolsey shares his thoughts on how the threat that ISIS poses should be dealt with, and how under Obama’s PR-oriented foreign policy leaves the U.S. perceived as “flaccid”. Let’s watch.