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5 ways we can give Aboriginal disadvantage the boot

While I don’t entirely agree with all of the solutions put forth, this writer is certainly on the right track. Liberty Works, by Anthony Dillion, May 2, 2017: Last week The Australian newspaper reported claims that a high proportion of Aboriginal children in some Cape York communities are not receiving the assistance they need to address intellectual… Continue reading 5 ways we can give Aboriginal disadvantage the boot

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18C is not protecting anybody

Liberty Works, by Jacinta Price, March 25, 2017: Mname is Jacinta Nampijinpa Price, I am an Alice Springs Town Councillor and campaigner against family violence. Recently I addressed the National Press Club along with Marcia Langton and Josephine Cashman about the silencing of Aboriginal women victims of violence and the realities of life in remote… Continue reading 18C is not protecting anybody

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Bill Shorten calls for Commonwealth to compensate Stolen Generations

Earlier today, Bill Shorten suggested the Commonwealth provide compensation for victims of the Stolen Generation. Now, as I’ve detailed before, the idea of the Stolen Generations: that white Australians historically ‘stole’ half- caste children away from Indigenous mothers to diminish the Aboriginal race, is totally fictitious. But even if this did occur, and that we can… Continue reading Bill Shorten calls for Commonwealth to compensate Stolen Generations

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Why we shouldn’t change Australia Day

“What’s so bad about January 26?”, The Spectator, 26 January, 2017: This week, Warren Mundine proposed that Australia Day should be moved from January 26 to January 1, because the 26th marks the arrival of the first white settlers at Sydney Cove. He does not have a problem with the concept of Australia Day, but… Continue reading Why we shouldn’t change Australia Day

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Reconciliation or Revenge?

Another Australia Day, and fortunately for us, Sherry Sufi has released yet another brilliant piece on Indigenous affairs. Enjoy the following, but more importantly, happy Australia Day to all! “Reconciliation or Revenge?”, The Spectator, January 21, 2017: For a decade, a national apology was sought from Prime Minister John Howard. For a decade, he refused… Continue reading Reconciliation or Revenge?

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The myth of Aboriginal Exceptionalism

“The myth of Aboriginal Exceptionalism”,, November 26, 2016: Unless perhaps you live in the Mesolithic Period in an outback Aboriginal community, you will no doubt have heard of the City of Fremantle’s recent decision to move Australia Day and rename it to One Day to make it a ‘culturally-inclusive alternative’.  Unless you’re insane, you… Continue reading The myth of Aboriginal Exceptionalism

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Why There Were No Stolen Generations (Part Two)

A fascinating sequel to the original piece I posted late last week. As this work so vehemently contradicts the current consensus on Australia’s history, it makes for an interesting yet detailed read. “Why There Were No Stolen Generations (Part Two)”, Quadrant, January 1, 2010: The empirical underpinnings of Bringing Them Home derived largely from the work of white academic… Continue reading Why There Were No Stolen Generations (Part Two)