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The future for India- Australia relations?

While I don’t wish our foreign policy to be purely based upon idealism or measures of democratic health, the future for Australia- India relations should be bright considering our historic and current similarities. While written in 2014, the following article provides an interesting insight into the state of contemporary Indian politics and of the nation’s leader:… Continue reading The future for India- Australia relations?

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Senator Benardi’s speech on the UN

The following is an excerpt from Senator Benardi’s speech on the UN, following his 3 month parliamentary secondment to the organisation. And for the most part, I find myself agreeing with the Senator’s measured and rational criticism of the UN. Excerpt from Senator Benardi’s speech: Last year I was fortunate enough to spend three months as part of a… Continue reading Senator Benardi’s speech on the UN

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Marise Payne to meet with General Mattis?

In fairness to Marise Payne, she may be a lovely person, and provide good company in private. But this non- imposing woman, who was confused last year about the role of her job, appears set to meet with the legendary US Secretary of Defense, General James ‘Maddog’ Mattis. From all that we have heard from President Trump,… Continue reading Marise Payne to meet with General Mattis?

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Moral Supremacy and Mr. Putin

America, Australia, and all other nations on earth, do not possess histories clean of moral sin. So while we wish for morality to be enforced across the world wherever is possible and should act accordingly, on certain occasions such luxuries cannot be afforded. Likewise, when governments enact democracy crusade foreign policies, such strategies are ineffective, and generally harm the world… Continue reading Moral Supremacy and Mr. Putin

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Is Russia a threat to the liberal international order?

Joe Biden, an old establishment Democratic hack, recently came out with some interesting claims. While at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, Biden accused Russia of testing “the fault lines of western nations” and aiming to return “to a politics defined by spheres of influence.” Biden continued; “with many countries in Europe slated to hold… Continue reading Is Russia a threat to the liberal international order?

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Indonesian military commander sacked for training Islamic hardliners with soldiers

Allies of Australia should either enhance our key national interests, or share common values and beliefs. Indonesia does neither, so there should be no requirement for future close ties between our two countries. Further, it is contradictory if our government to be intent on fighting terrorism at home, while needlessly collobarating and strengthening sympathisers of… Continue reading Indonesian military commander sacked for training Islamic hardliners with soldiers

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Poor move from Australia

Did the Australian government pay heed to the idea of ignoring Indonesia after the row over ‘offensive training material’? Unfortunately not, as instead, our Defence Minister has announced an ‘investigation’ into the incident. If we are truly interested in investigating something that ‘offended’ Indonesia, a country which practices female genital mutilation, and lashes females for being… Continue reading Poor move from Australia