Erdogan Claims Victory in Referendum Making Him Dictator

PJ Media, by Rick Moran, April 16, 2017: Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan is claiming victory in a referendum that will greatly expand his powers, changing the country from a nominal parliamentary democracy into a presidential dictatorship. But opposition groups are protesting the vote, which resulted in a closer outcome than expected. Erdogan will apparently be denied… Continue reading Erdogan Claims Victory in Referendum Making Him Dictator

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‘You are the future of Europe’: Erdogan urges Turks in EU to have at least 5 kids

Despite Europe spending much of the past 13 centuries repelling Islam, a recent emergence of complacency, white guilt and Islamic apologism have all contributed to an ever- Islamized predicament. Moreover, Islamists routinely point to higher Islamic birth rates and immigration as signs of an impending Muslim victory, as they dream of emulating the precedent set by their… Continue reading ‘You are the future of Europe’: Erdogan urges Turks in EU to have at least 5 kids


Turkey’s Erdogan calls Dutch authorities ‘Nazi remnants’

This recent incident is but a reminder of the incompatibility of Turkey with European, democratic values. “Turkey’s Erdogan calls Dutch authorities ‘Nazi remnants’”, BBC, March 11, 2017: Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has described the Dutch government as “Nazi remnants and fascists”, amid a diplomatic row over a cancelled rally. Turkey’s family minister was blocked… Continue reading Turkey’s Erdogan calls Dutch authorities ‘Nazi remnants’


Turkey: Record-Breaking Purge in Academia

“Turkey: Record- Breaking Purge in Academia”, Gatestone Institute, February 16, 2017: Nearly three centuries later — and slightly revising the historian Shelby Foote‘s famous line — “A Turkish university, these days, is a group of buildings around a small library, a mosque and classrooms cleansed of unwanted scholars.” The “Great Turkish Purge” launched by President… Continue reading Turkey: Record-Breaking Purge in Academia

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Turkey in the EU?

In an increasingly Islamized Turkey, the country’s values and belief systems have become diametrically opposed to the West. Whether this be reflected in Turkey’s Islamic State leanings, the crackdown on press freedom, the banning of alcohol and public affection, or Erdogan’s glorious endorsements of past Islamic conquests, Turkey has taken an Islamist dive in recent years.… Continue reading Turkey in the EU?