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Parent driven education, or Safe Schools?

Claiming that less parental input into education will liberate children’s ‘free choice’, is categorically false. Because this poorly framed apology for safe schools, ignores the forceful, confronting nature of the sexual/ gender fluid content promoted when government is left unchecked. Clearly, attempts to delegitimize parents’ place in a child’s life, is cheap cover for further… Continue reading Parent driven education, or Safe Schools?

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LGBT Agenda

The no campaign further exposing the LGBT Agenda and its virulent neo- Marxist links. Why Vote No, September 10, 2017: Yes, it’s true that the vast majority of same-sex couples who intend on marrying are doing so for the sentimental aspect of equality. However, there is a dark side behind the push for the legalisation… Continue reading LGBT Agenda

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Won’t somebody please think of the children!

The state choosing when to interfere in the parental realm, is a challenging decision to make. In truth, the state has not interfered enough in the lives of Indigenous children, who are abused at rates far beyond anything lawfully inflicted upon non Indigenous children. However, the basic assertions the following article puts forth are correct, and… Continue reading Won’t somebody please think of the children!

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Feminism, Children and the Future

Sydney Traditionalist Society, August 20, 2016: During World War I, Serbia had the most casualties of any country as a percentage of the population; between 16.67% to 27.78%.1 This meant that subsequently there was a very real man shortage in Serbia. In the movie Tears for Sale by Uroš Stojanović,2 a group of women from a… Continue reading Feminism, Children and the Future