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Why I’m conservative rather than libertarian

I firmly support the need to emphasize common ground, rather than differences when collaborating with individuals of differing ideologies. So whilst constructive dialogue is important, and I consider parts of conservatism and libertarianism essential to my own ideology, I am first and foremost a conservative person. This is not to state that I am incapable of changing my positions on issues… Continue reading Why I’m conservative rather than libertarian


Fidel Castro’s death and my message to conservatives

A few hours ago Cuban state TV announced that its former leader, Fidel Castro, has died at 90 years of age. Obviously, Castro was a polarising figure, with opinion divided over whether he was a tyrant, or a hero. To my mind, Castro was no saint, and should not be worthy of excessive endearments nor affectionate… Continue reading Fidel Castro’s death and my message to conservatives



It might be in its most infant stages, but I have started recording podcast- styled YouTube videos. The content I will be putting up still has much to improve upon, however if any of you are interested in seeing me orally discuss the issues I write about, go to:

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Trump and the Hilarycons

“Trump and the Hilarycons”, Patrick J. Buchanan, September 5 2016: In 1964, Phyllis Schlafly of Alton, Illinois, mother of six, wrote and published a slim volume entitled “A Choice Not an Echo.” Backing the candidacy of Sen. Barry Goldwater, the book was a polemic against the stranglehold the eastern liberal establishment had held on the… Continue reading Trump and the Hilarycons


Happy Independence day, America

A brilliant tribute towards the United States I found online. Happy independence day to all my American viewers; This is technically a day early for you, but I make no apologies for being on the future end of the international dateline. So, Happy Birthday to the only nation on our planet towards which patriotic sentiments… Continue reading Happy Independence day, America

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The Ryan/Trump Meeting: Professional Politician Attempts to Negotiate With the Author of “The Art of the Deal”. Nail Meet Hammer.

Originally posted on Kingsjester's Blog:
Republican Speaker of the House of Representatives, Paul Ryan, will be meeting with the inevitable winner of his Party’s Presidential Nomination, American Billionaire and Entrepreneur, Donald J. Trump, today. Bloomberg Politics reports that Donald Trump is coming to his meeting with House Speaker Paul Ryan Thursday to deliver a…