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Obama’s legacy/ part 3 of my theory

“Obama Freed 75 Percent of Gitmo Terrorists”, freebeacon, January 5, 2017: The Obama administration is responsible for releasing from the Guantanamo Bay prison camp some 75 percent of the inmates being held there, according to statistics published by the Pentagon. Obama freed during his presidency more than 100 accused terrorists being held in the prison… Continue reading Obama’s legacy/ part 3 of my theory

Barrack Obama · Donald Trump/ Hillary Clinton

The implications of ‘Russian hacking’

Evidence is said to be mounting, that the Russian government sought to indirectly interfere in the 2016 Presidential election, by aiding the release of information damaging to Hillary Clinton. While the whining Left are using these reports by US intelligence agencies to delegitimize Donald Trump, a crucial home truth is first worth acknowledging. Throughout the last election cycle, despite lies… Continue reading The implications of ‘Russian hacking’

Barrack Obama

Barrack Obama has lost the plot

Despite promises to the contrary, the final Presidential actions of Barrack Obama reaffirm his legacy as an arrogant, whingeing, partisan wrecker determined on hindering the peaceful transition of power for his own personal gain. Given this regrettable climate, it is fortunate Putin has been able to maintain some sense. “Obama expels 35 Russian diplomats”,, 30 December,… Continue reading Barrack Obama has lost the plot

Barrack Obama

The hypocrisy of Obama and Clinton

Remember back in October, when Hillary Clinton described Donald Trump’s potential to dispute the election result as a ‘direct threat to our democracy? Or remember when President Obama said that Americans should ‘reconcile themselves’ with a Trump Presidency, and accept the results of the election? However, as has consistently been the case with these 2… Continue reading The hypocrisy of Obama and Clinton

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Obama Urges Soldiers to Question Trump’s Authority, ‘Criticize Our President’

In his final address to America’s armed forces, President Barack Obama reminded troops that once Donald J. Trump becomes president, soldiers have a duty to question his authority and criticize him. Obama also said the Second Amendment and global warming can be blamed for terrorism. Obama stood before soldiers at MacDill Air Force Base, in… Continue reading Obama Urges Soldiers to Question Trump’s Authority, ‘Criticize Our President’

Barrack Obama · Islamic apologism and the persecution of dissenters

Why acknowledging Islamic terrorism is important

For government agencies not to define an enemy by its name, is problematic for reasons beyond mere symbolic platitudes. Consider Senator Ted Cruz’ clinical smackdown of the arrogant Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson, who appears to care more about offensive words than he does for dead Americans. Moreover, Senator Cruz exposes how law enforcement is hindered when the… Continue reading Why acknowledging Islamic terrorism is important

Barrack Obama · The best of Pat Buchanan

The role of nationalism

Throughout President Obama’s final swansong urging the world to keep sight of globalist policies, nationalist ideas have been heavily criticized. According to the President, nationalism is to blame for World War Two and virtually every other tragedy in human history. However, the circumstances under which nationalism has been a force for good, should not be overlooked.… Continue reading The role of nationalism