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Hello to all wherever you may be. My name is Ethan Sinclair and I am a 21-year-old Australian blogger.

On the 13th of October 2015,  I launched the Aussie Conservative Blog, and have since move to cover a broad range of topics.

In particular, I have focused on exposing the Islamist ideology, globalism, the Regressive Left, and writing in support for President Trump.

As a paleoconservative/ right- wing populist, primary influences behind my writings include Donald Trump, Marine Le Pen, Douglas Murray, Pauline Hanson, Nigel Farage, Robert Spencer, Ben Shapiro, Dave Rubin, Bjorn Lomborg and of course, Patrick J. Buchanan.

It is my hope that conservative minds can move to shift from an primarily economically liberal, stringently socially conservative worldview, towards more paleoconservative viewpoints. This is because paleoconservatism appears to have much more chance of electoral success in modern political environments, and it is the ideology’s subsequent positions on trade, immigration, foreign policy and Islam which will likely define the future of Western civilization, rather than endless quarreling over gay marriage or renewable energy. Thus, it is my ambition for this blog to honestly and intelligently contribute towards such a purpose.

Under my ‘Aussie Conservative’ tag, I am the sole author, editor and CEO of this website.

Should any of you seek to contact me or interact with me though a different platform, see the links provided below.

  • My email address is aussieconservative1995@gmail.com. This should be the main avenue should you wish to contact me.
  • Click here for my Twitter