The Donald Trump Presidency

An America First approach to TPS

The Trump administration recently announced it was ending the 16 year long temporary protected status (TPS), provided to some 200 000 El Salvadoran migrants. Evidently, this stance fits the ‘America First’ theme President Trump was elected on, given a reduction in low skilled immigrants will ultimately increase wages for working class Americans. And with America… Continue reading An America First approach to TPS

ABC/ SBS · Australia's Sudanese Problem

Time to replace the ABC

Some things never change, and the ABC’s anti- Australian bent has continued into the New Year. But now in 2018, the ABC has adopted a new victim cause: African migrants, in covering victims of Sudanese crime as secondary to receivers of ill- directed, foolish comments. So despite being funded by Australian people, and its legislative… Continue reading Time to replace the ABC

Christianity · Immigration/ Multiculturalism

When Christianity goes rogue

Christianity can be helpful when it ensures civilisation is tied to tradition, as well as human life, rather than secular hedonism, materialism and nihilism. But when the Church warps Christian teachings by presenting Jesus as a refugee, we get into dangerous territory. Because ultimately, this narrative gives globalists a moral blank check to inundate the… Continue reading When Christianity goes rogue

Immigration/ Multiculturalism · Islam in Europe

Sweden Forced to Raise Retirement Age To Pay For Mass Immigration Policy

According to soulless economic globalists, mass immigration (not selective, skilled, and limited immigration), is desirable because it financially supports ageing Western populations. But while deliberately replacing a population is wrong no matter what the endgame, importing unskilled, illiterate migrants en masse is anything but good economics. Particularly so, when these migrants hail from the Muslim world.… Continue reading Sweden Forced to Raise Retirement Age To Pay For Mass Immigration Policy

Immigration/ Multiculturalism

Swedish Government to Ban Websites that List Ethnic Origin of Criminal Suspects

If Sweden, or other nations truly believed in multiculturalism and that diversity is a ‘strength,’ it would willingly discuss the facts. Instead, the government dodges, manipulates, and even bans those who dare mention the factually clear: that many immigrants bring along undesirable traits prevalent in the third world, and this is manifested in higher crime rates.… Continue reading Swedish Government to Ban Websites that List Ethnic Origin of Criminal Suspects

Ethnonationalism · Immigration/ Multiculturalism · The Right type of identity politics

Multiculturalism= Ethnocide

As explained by George Hutcheson, ‘multiculturalism’ in the sense that nations should be impartial to all peoples and cultures, is not possible. As at present, no land can ever be fully culturally neutral, and the prevalence of some cultural/ ethnic/ religious groups will always come at the expense of less significant groups. We can hypothesise about what this expense… Continue reading Multiculturalism= Ethnocide

Economic issues · General · Immigration/ Multiculturalism · One Nation

“Immigrants do jobs that Australians won’t”

The case that high immigration=better economic outcomes, is pushed by free market advocates who tell us globalism is destiny. But when real scrutiny is applied, this hypothesis quickly crumbles. The idea that “immigrants do jobs that Australian’s won’t,” is not only demeaning to our impoverished native born, but in a time where political alliances are… Continue reading “Immigrants do jobs that Australians won’t”